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A Tasty Combo – Wanted Tortilla Chips and Mezzet Hummus with Chipotle Peppers

Sometimes it’s just easier to have a snack at home than going out for something to eat. The problem for me these days is trying to decide just exactly what snack I’m interested in trying.

Recently I was shopping, and I saw a new dip that I had never seen here in Korea. This dip, Hummus with Chipotle Peppers from a company called Mezzet, sounded not only interesting, but very tasty!

After choosing this dip, I needed something to put eat it with. I noticed a brand of tortilla chips, called Wanted, that I had never tried before, and decided to pair them up. There were two choices of tortilla chips, and I went with the cheese flavor.

Getting home, I took at look at the packages. The Wanted tortilla chips, made in Denmark, looked fun, although I’m not sure about the image of the bandit being appropriate. The 200-gram bag is described cheasy, an interesting spelling of cheesy.

The Hummus with Chipotle Peppers is from Turkey, and is described as ‘Hot’, so I was really hoping for a nice, spicy, dip.

Opening the bag of tortilla chips, there was a nice subtle cheese scent.

The hummus didn’t have a strong scent, but it did have a nice bright orange tint to it, which led me to believe that it might be very spicy!

I shook a few of the tortilla chips out onto a plate and spooned a generous portion of the Mezzet Hummus with Chipotle Peppers next to them.

Finally, it was time to dip and enjoy! The combination was very nice, and I really enjoyed the first bite!

The Wanted Tortilla chips are tangy, with a light cheese flavor, and a nice crispy crunch to them.

The Mezzet Hummus with Chipotle Peppers did indeed have a nice level of heat, not too strong but noticeable. The texture was of course different than nacho cheese dips that often are associated with tortilla chips in many parts of the world, but I found that the chickpeas added a distinct, and nice, flavor to the dip.

Combined, these two provided a really great pairing. The crunchy tortilla chips mixed with the slightly tofu-texture of the hummus was good, and the different spices paired well together.

The union of Wanted Tortilla cheese flavored chips and the Mezzet Hummus with Chipotle Peppers makes for one tasty snack, and I can’t wait to finish the rest of the bag and the jar.

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