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A Sweet Latte Treat at HaSamDong Coffee

While out for a day trip, I found myself in a small suburb of Busan city called Jung-gwan. Nestled in a valley, this community has a number of interesting restaurants and cafes to visit.

Being a hot day, I decided that after lunch, I needed something cool and refreshing to relax with. Luckily, I saw a small corner coffee shop called HaSamDong.

HaSamDong Coffee had a banner out front and there was an item on it, the Cheese Cream Strawberry Latte that really piqued my curiosity. While it wasn’t coffee, it sure did sound delicious and I figured it was worth a try!

The café itself was quite small, but did have a nice seating area that was at the time unoccupied. After ordering, I sat down to wait for my drink to be prepared.

When the Cheese Cream Strawberry Latte came, it looked sweet and delicious, and I was ready to dig in and give it a try.

The first thing I did was take a sip of the top layer, which was the cheese cream portion. It was very sweet and had a strong cream cheese taste, although there were some other ingredients that I couldn’t identify.

Next, I mixed up the drink to see how it would taste with the cheese cream and the strawberry and milk portion combined.

Well, the drink was very refreshing! It was creamy, rich, and cool, thanks to the ice that had been put into the cup. Unlike some of my more recent experiences, there was not too much ice in the cup, so I definitely felt like I was getting some good value.

The strawberries were ground up, but a few tiny seeds were there so you could tell that real strawberries were used in the making of the drink, and not just some chemical syrup.

The cheese cream added a heavy richness and sweetness to the drink, and so for some people they might find it a bit overwhelming, but I really enjoyed it.

HaSamDong’s Cheese Cream Strawberry Latte features a great mixture of the ingredients and was a delicious and refreshing treat, perfect for when the sweltering summer arrives in South Korea!

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