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A Superstar Snack From Dunkin’ Donuts – Star Jelly Peach Iced Tea and Diget Donuts

Donuts are a very interesting food to me, as they are often just very sweet bread. These days however, it seems like every company has some weird creation that fuses a different flavor with their traditional donut to produce a new taste sensation.

Dunkin’ Donuts is frequently coming up with some new treat to entice our taste buds, and recently they have paired with Orion, a company here in South Korea, that makes one of the most popular and nostalgic treats, Diget.

Diget is a local digestive biscuit that is very popular here, but in recent years has been overshadowed by a wide range of newer and sweeter treats. However this doesn’t mean that Orion is not still trying to stay in the snack game, and this promotion with Dunkin’ Donuts might be their way of not losing relevance.

There is also a Dunkin’ Donuts in my neighborhood, so on a windy morning I went there to try out the new donuts, as well as a new drink that Dunkin’ Donuts is selling, the Star Jelly Peach Iced Tea.

As it was the morning the Donuts had been freshly delivered from the factory and were just being put into the serving racks. This meant that I was going to be very lucky, as I think that donuts are always better when they are fresh!

Dunkin’ Donuts is selling two different versions of their Diget donuts, so I decided to get one of each along with the aforementioned Star Jelly Peach Iced Tea.

There was very little of note about this location of Dunkin’ Donuts, which meant that I was very ready to enjoy both the donuts and the iced tea when they were finally ready.

After collecting my morning snack, I went to a table in the back of the shop to try what I hoped would be some delicious donuts!

The first donut I tried was the Diget Crumble Choco-ring. As the name suggests, the Diget biscuit is crumbled on top, and it is a plain cake ring donut with a layer of chocolate on top of the donut.

My first bite was a little disappointing. The donut was very dry, and the chocolate tasted oversweet and a bit like the chocolate was not very expensive. The Diget crumble also added little to the donut beyond texture, as digestive biscuits are not known for being full of flavor.

The next donut I tried was the Diget Milk Cream Tart. Contrary to the name, the donut is not a tart. This donut was a complete one-eighty from the first one, and the first bite made me very happy!

The donut was solid all the way through and was a very soft and puffy donut that tasted very fresh. The cream on top was also nice and fresh and was not overly sweet. The Diget crumble was attached by a glaze that was a bit sweet but it worked nicely with the rest of the donut. The variety of textures and tastes was excellent and I really enjoyed this donut.

The final thing I tried was the Star Jelly Peach Iced Tea. This drink was very sweet, and definitely had a strong peach flavor.

One of the really awesome things was that the jelly pieces were actually star shaped! It was very hard to get a photo of them, but they were indeed stars!

I also really liked that the star jelly tasted like real peaches, and the texture was also extremely close to that of a peach. In fact, it was hard for me to believe that they were not piece of peach!

Drinking the Star Jelly Peach Iced Tea was very fun! It was great trying to get the jelly out at the end, and it reminded me a lot of getting the tapioca pearls out of a bubble tea. It was a bit messy by the end though!

For me, the donuts were one great one, and one that I would not eat again. I’m not sure how much the Diget biscuit crumble adds overall, but the Diget Milk Cream Tart was one tasty donut!

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