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A Smoky Rice Bowl From Man-Kwan Hwa-Bap

Recently I was out doing some shopping and found myself with dinner time approaching. Not wanting to wait until I got home, I found a restaurant I hadn’t tried in one of our local shopping malls.

The place I found is called Man-Kwan Hwa-Bap, and they sell a variety of rice bowls.

As you can see from the menu, they have a number of different options, some of which are spicy and others which are more savory.

On this day I was in the mood for something savory and so I decided to try the Cham-sut Bulgogi Rice Bowl.

After ordering on the touchscreen menu, I sat down and waited for my order to be ready.

After a few minutes one of the staff brought my order and it was time to dig in.

The Cham-sut Bulgogi Rice Bowl comes with the marinated and smoked meat, which we call bulgogi. It also came with raw onions and some lettuce.

After mixing it up, it was time for me to dig into the Cham-sut Bulgogi Rice Bowl.

The flavor of the the meat was quite good, and had a smoky and charcoal flavor to it, which is what it should have according to the menu name.

The other ingredients weren’t very special, although the onions added some crunch and flavor to the dish.

The lettuce, while adding some healthy elements to the dish, didn’t add anything to the flavor, and the lettuce itself looked a little bit past its prime.

Overall, the dish was acceptable, but I think in the future I will be looking elsewhere for a meal.

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