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A Second Kraft Snack is Twice as Nice!

The last Kraft baked dessert I tried was the Cream Cheese filled Soboro. This time, it's a Chiffon Cake style dessert that looks like four mini muffins!

While the package says in English that it is simply Kraft Cream Cheese, the Korean version says Cream Cheese Bite-sized Chiffon. These mini muffin shaped desserts are wonderful!

With cream cheese mixed into the batter, and a light soft fluffy texture, this treat went very well with my morning coffee. Unlike the previous Kraft dessert, the cream cheese was not visibly evident, but the flavor added a nice sweetness to the soft, spongy, morsels.

If I had to choose between the two desserts, I think that this one is much better paired with a hot, steaming, beverage, but perhaps if the Soboro dessert had been fresh that might put it over the top!

Come back again soon for another Kraft Cream Cheese dessert taste test!

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