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A Quartet of Flavors From Youngman Pizza

Now, I know that I have recently written about Youngman Pizza, and the Halamayo pizza that they sell, but recently a change to try one of their other specialty pizzas appeared before me and I figured, if something’s free, why not give it a try?

The pizza, named the “GogiBaht”, which translates into “Meat Field” certainly lives up to its name.

A friend of mine was visiting and wanted to try the pizza, so I decided to share the wonderful “Meat Field” and give it a try.

The Meat Field pizza came with Youngman Pizza’s usual extra goodies, especially the Chung-yang mayonnaise sauce that I enjoy so much.

So, the GogiBaht pizza is a little bit different than the other pizzas I have had from Youngman Pizza.

First, there are four areas on the pizza, each with a different set of ingredients. This makes the pizza have a ton of variety, but it also means that it can be a bit confusing deciding which type you want to try!

The second thing that makes the Meat Field different is that the pizza is cut into relatively square-shaped pieces, as opposed to the traditional triangle shaped slices. This makes it easier to share the pizza with friends, but because the pizza is round, it also means that some pieces are vastly different sizes.

There are a lot of toppings on the Meat Field pizza, which definitely makes for a lot of different flavors.

On one end of the pizza there was a bulgogi-topped section, which was slathered in barbecue sauce and also had mushrooms, onions and green peppers. There was definitely an ample amount of meat on this section, however the barbecue sauce was very sweet. The meat was also very tasty, but was overpowered by the sauce.

Next to the bulgogi section there was a spicy chicken portion. This was absolutely loaded with spicy chicken breast, and also had a piece of pineapple in each of the pieces. I really liked the contrast of the sweet pineapple with the spicy chicken, but it was almost like there was TOO much meat on this part, which might seem hard to believe!

The third section was a little unusual, as it had a beef topping with sour cream and nacho cheese sauce on top. This had a little bit of a Mexican-feel to it, although certainly not something authentic, but more of a Taco Bell style taste. This one was tasty, although the nacho cheese tasted a little unusual being on a pizza.

The final one of the quartet was a French fries and bacon section, with olives included. This one didn’t taste bad, but the amount of starch from the crust and the potatoes quickly became overwhelming. The French fries also weren’t very crispy, which might have made it more interesting from a texture point of view.

Overall, the Meat Field pizza was okay, but I think it is much better for parties or large groups where people can all have a chance to sample the different flavors. For 1 or 2 people, I would probably try a different variety of pizza.

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