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A Non-Traditional Stew – King Kong Budae-jjigae’s American Set

Last month, I wrote about the eponymous budae-jjigae from King Kong Budae-Jjigae. I noticed at the time that the chain had a new version of this tasty sausage soldier stew which they have named ‘American Budae-jjigae’.

King Kong Budae-Jjigae has advertised this as being American style, and there certainly some American-style additions to the sausage stew. Some of the new additions are macaroni and cheese, hamburger patties, bacon, and meatballs.

In addition, King Kong Budae-Jjigae are also selling a set with the new stew that includes French Fries smothered in macaroni and cheese and bacon! This sounded like something really awesome, so I just had to try this new set and see what it tasted like!

The nice worker arrived after we ordered and brought the pan that was absolutely loaded with tasty goodies for the ‘American Budae-jjigae’. As she added the water to the pan and cranked up the gas to heat our dinner, I was very excited!

As the ‘American Budae-jjigae’ reached a boil and the smell really started to tease me, the Macaroni and Cheese + Bacon French Fries arrived, and immediately drew my attention!

They looked so good, and while I have never had pasta on top of French fries, it had certainly piqued my interest, and so I was excited to try the dish.

It turns out that macaroni and cheese on top of French fries is actually really tasty! The fries were well cooked with a nice level of salt on them. The cheese was nice and creamy, and the bacon added a little bit of crunch as well as that wonderful bacon flavor. I absolutely enjoyed the addition to the meal! The macaroni added a nice textural change as well, with that softer texture compared to the crispy French fries.

By the time we had finished the fries, the ‘American Budae-jjigae’ was ready to eat. We had added the ramen noodles that King Kong Budae-Jjigae gives you for free, and when the noodles were cooked we knew that the stew was ready.

Along with the free rice that King Kong gives you, I started to enjoy the stew. The macaroni and cheese was tasty, and of course the bacon in the stew was good as well.

The hamburger patty that was included in the ‘American Budae-jjigae’ was pretty tasty as well and added a different level of texture to the stew that you wouldn’t normally find in a regular budae-jjiae.

The meatballs were also very tasty and had a little bit of Italian spice included in the mixture. The texture was a little softer than the hamburger patty and so it helped to make them different.

The rest of the ingredients were the similar or the same to the standard King Kong budae-jjigae and were just as good as when I had them the last time.

The rest of the side dishes that they included in the dinner were good, and the kimchi was especially tasty! It was fresh and had a really nice flavor.

As a bonus, the meal had so much food I was able to take half of the stew home and have the leftovers for lunch the next day! It’s always good when you can get two meals for the price of one!

While the ‘American Budae-jjigae’ is not your traditional budae-jjigae, it is a very delicious dish. I would definitely have this again, and with the loaded French fries is a truly substantial dinner. King Kong Budae-Jjigae has really outdone themselves this time!

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