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A Nice Morning Coffee - Kanu Vanilla Latte

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

While I love going to a beautiful independent café, it is hard to find one when you wake up at 5 a.m. That’s why I’m glad that there is an increasing plethora of options for drinking coffee at home.

On an early September morning recently, I was enjoying the beautiful morning sky and having a nice cup of instant coffee. Watching the sun rise over the ocean, the purplish hues meshed with the grey clouds to form a wonderful triptych of colors!

I decided to try some of Kanu’s home coffee products to let you know just how nice (or in need of improvement) they are!

Kanu is a sub-brand of Maxim, a coffee and beverage conglomerate here in South Korea. Their slogan for Kanu is that they are a café that is open 24 hours. A pretty thought, but only if the coffee lives up to the quality promised.

I decided to try the Vanilla Latte. The box that the eight sticks come in has a nice minimalist design, as is common in all the Kanu products, which are differentiated by various colors. The individual coffee package mirrors the box and was quite easy to open.

It’s always hard trying to select which of my many coffee mugs to use when having a coffee at home. I decided to go for my Krispy Kreme orange Halloween-themed “Krispy Screams” mug. It has been one of my favorites since I got it, although I do have two more in the series.

Upon opening the package, a wonderful scent of vanilla and gentle coffee filled my nose. As the boiling water tumbled over the contents of the package the sensations intensified. After finishing stirring, I waited a few seconds to take a sip of the Kanu Vanilla Latte.

I have to say that it was quite pleasant. The vanilla is a subtle flavor in the mix despite the more prominent smell when you open it up. The coffee is not bitter, although I suspect that a fair amount of sugar is included to make the overall drink easier for people to consume quickly and easily.

One of the issues I have is that you must be extremely careful how much water you pour into one of these types of packages. Too much and you end up with a bland drink that is really just a waste of your time, but too little and you get a sludge-like mixture at the bottom of our mug that is not enjoyable either.

Overall, it was a nice coffee to start my day with and enjoy the wonderful sunrise. Kanu Vanilla Latte comes in a variety of different package sizes, so you can buy it for home or for the office. Just be careful of how much water you put in it!

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