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A Nice Meal at Ulsan Burger

While fast food hamburgers are nice, a burger made with fresh meat can be far, far, nicer! That’s what I got to experience for lunch at Ulsan Burger near the ocean in Ulsan, South Korea.

Located a stone’s throw away from the ocean, Ulsan Burger seems to be relatively new. In fact, it is one of a number of hamburger restaurants that seem to be opening up in the Ulsan area.

Driving up to the store, the restaurant looks very unassuming. The signs are nothing fancy, and the store front is quite plain. Inside however is a different story.

The interior has a very interesting design. There are two different seating areas: one floor seating area and one with tables and chairs. The floor seating looks perfect for families as it has a number of toys and games and also has some booster seats.

The grill area is open and easy to see, so if you are interested in watching your burger being cooked you can actually watch the magic happen.

The menu features only five different hamburgers, and you can upgrade any of them to a meal that includes French fries, a salad, and a drink. They also feature two flavors of milk shakes, a few coffee drinks, and homemade lemonade.

It was tough to choose as the five different burgers all seemed interesting. In the end we decided to choose the Charcoaled Bulgogi Burger made with pork, and the Gravy Hanwoo Burger, made with premium Korean beef.

The burgers are first fired over a charcoal briquet cooker, and then finished on a

grill. After a short wait, our order was ready!

The presentation looked really outstanding! The size of each burger was quite substantial, and the salad and French fries with the one meal that we got were decent as well. I was also very impressed by the cup that that the coke was to be poured into. A small thing I know, but it was a very nice!

After cutting the burgers so that we could share them, it was time to dig in.

We tried the more expensive one first, the Gravy Hanwoo Burger. The meat was, to put it plainly, awesome! It was fresh, juicy, and had a really nice flavor to it. However, we were less than impressed with the gravy that had been added to it. It was cold and didn’t really have a very strong flavor to it. Also, there was so much of it that it made the burger very messy to eat. While the meat was excellent, if I were to go back, I would try the mushroom version of the same meat to see if it works better.

The Charcoaled Bulgogi Burger was, overall, better for me. While the meat was not as good as the Gravy Hanwoo Burger, the overall flavor was superior. The grilled onions were very well done and easier to taste without all the gravy on them. The sauce, which to me tasted like a teriyaki sauce, was also not to strong so as to overpower the meat.

Both burgers did have nice crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes, and the Gravy Hanwoo burger also had cheese on it.

The staff was very nice and gave us some extra spicy sauce to try. The salad was fresh, and the French fries were a pretty standard Cajun fry. They also neatly packaged up the leftovers so that we could finish them for dinner.

Overall, I would go back to Ulsan Burger, but I would probably not go for the most expensive burger the next time.

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