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A New Season at Starbucks Korea

With autumn just around the corner here in South Korea, and temperatures dropping as the sun sets earlier and earlier, it is not a real surprise that Starbucks here in South Korea has some new drinks to try.

Currently, the mega-chain calls the new drinks part of their Black Glazed Latte Season. That name also includes one of the drinks, and there are two more new beverage items, the Green Glazed Cream Frappuccino, and the Autumn Road Apple Black Tea.

Entering the local Starbucks, I decided from looking at the pictures to try the Black Glazed Latte and the Autumn Road Apple Black Tea. The Green Glazed Cream Frappuccino, while visually appealing, was made with green tea, and also is only served cold.

I ordered the two drinks, getting them both hot, and proceeded to enjoy looking at yet some more new Starbucks merchandise, of which there were definitely some cute items!

After my order was ready, I decided to go out to the balcony as it was actually quite warm and try these two new drinks.

The first one, the Black Glazed Latte, is described as a Starbucks einspanner drink with rich coffee, glazed cream and a rich cheese flavor. Well, this drink as definitely rich. The black glaze on top tasted a lot like molasses or black sugar syrup.

The Black Glazed Latte was on point with the cream flavor, as it was almost like whipped cream in its sweetness and texture, being a very thick drink. There wasn’t much of a coffee flavor to it, and the cheese flavor was also something I couldn’t taste. It was tasty, but definitely not strong on the coffee.

Next, I tried the Autumn Road Apple Black Tea.

Coming with two dried apple slices (which I ate and regretted immediately as they were VERY tough!) and a very foamy top, it looked nice, although not as nice as it would in iced form.

This drink was very delicious, especially in the early going. It had a very strong apple taste, but it was very sweet. There were small hints of black tea in the mixture, but the apple was definitely the predominant flavor palette. This drink was also very sweet, and by the end it was almost overwhelming in its sweetness, making it a challenge to finish. It reminded me of American apple cider, but with more sugar.

I would say that this time Starbucks Korea is really going for decadent, sweet, drinks that if you have more than one at a time might be overwhelming. I would try these again, but only one a day!

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