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A Milano Morning From Bacha Coffee!

Recently, I received a very fancy box of coffee from a friend of mine.

With the colour of gold everywhere, even looking at the bag and box make me feel like this is a luxurious, and fancy, brand of coffee.

Bacha Coffee, based in Singapore, is a purveyor of wide line of coffees from around the world and in a variety of packages.

The variety my friend gave me is their Milano Morning blend.

The individual packages reflect the golden hue on the box that they come in.

There is a nice instruction card to show you how to open the coffee package.

There is even a book telling you about the other blends and varieties of coffee from Bacha.

The Bacha website says that the Milano Morning blend is a chocolatey, malty, and nutty flavoured coffee, and is not particularly strong as it is a medium roast.

As I slowly opened the package (as it is quite tough to open and I didn’t want to spill any), a wonderful chocolatey aroma filled the air.

The coffee in the individual pouches is quite finely ground.

I finally was ready to pour the water from the kettle and begin to slowly let the coffee filter into my mug.

The scent in the kitchen was absolutely amazing!

Finally, it was time to try my Milano Morning coffee from Bacha.

Well, this coffee is very, very tasty!

There is a definite taste profile of chocolate in the coffee, and there is also a light hint of nut flavour, similar to hazelnut, but without the usual cloyingness that many hazelnut coffees have.

I didn’t notice any brioche taste, as the package states, but the coffee did have a light sweetness to it.

The Milano Morning coffee is also quite mild. There is not a strong acidity to it, and it has a wonderful aftertaste. The coffee is very light, and this is something to consider if you like a more robust coffee.

However, I was very pleased with Bacha Coffee’s Milano Morning. Both the aroma and taste were fabulous, and it was a pleasant, relaxing cup of coffee. I will be definitely enjoying the remaining bags, as I still have 11 remaining!

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