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A Magical Snack – Hershey’s Sprinkles and Cream and Kanu Signature Dark Roast Coffee

Sweet chocolate and dark coffee make for an interesting combination! It is hard to tell if the chocolate is overshadowing the coffee, or if the coffee’s taste is really coming through. Of course, chocolate is just wonderful on its own!

While at the local grocery store, I noticed that Hershey’s has been expanding its offerings as of late, and I decided to pick up a chocolate bar that I had never seen before.

This new chocolate bar (for me!) is called Hershey’s Sprinkles and Cream! I also decided to try a new coffee, the Kanu Signature Dark Roast Coffee.

Now, I have written about the Kanu Vanilla Latte already, so I figured it was time to try something darker without so much added creamer to it.

In addition, I figured it was finally time to open my Harry Potter Magic Mug that I had bought at Hollys Coffee over a month ago! (Better late than never!)

Opening the Kanu Signature Dark Roast, the little tiny box advertised only 12 sticks, and to which only 100ml of water should be added.

The sticks were indeed tiny, and there is not a whole lot of coffee in each package. I think that this particular product is designed for a quick pick me up as opposed to a long, slow, luxurious cup of coffee.

I also opened up my Harry Potter Mug from the box. As I waited for the water to boil, I took a look at the mug, and was curious about exactly what would change when I added the hot water.

Finally, the water was ready, and I poured it into the awaiting mug cup.

As you can see in the video below, the results were indeed…MAGICAL!

That’s correct, the Harry Potter logo changed color in just a matter of seconds!

I was really impressed at just how quickly the change occurred.

Of course, taste is the most important thing when it comes to coffee and food, and so it was time to tuck into the Kanu Signature Dark Roast and the Hershey’s Sprinkles and Cream.

Now, the Hershey’s Sprinkles and Cream looks great from the top. The chocolate features an interesting ice cream design, with 5 ice cream cones on it facing in alternating directions.

There also is a large number of sprinkles mixed into the chocolate, which means they definitely didn’t scrimp on the candy inside.

As I tentatively took a bite, the flavor was outstanding! It was very sweet, but there was a raspberry flavor to it, as well as a hint of vanilla. The sprinkles added a little bit of crunch to the chocolate, making the texture more interesting.

Next, I tried the Kanu Signature Dark Roast. Due to adding more than 100 ml of water, I decided to add two packages to the mug cup, to make sure the flavor would be strong enough.

The coffee had a very nice flavor to it. With a light aftertaste, and a low level of acidity, it was a very surprising dark roast. The Kanu Signature Dark Roast also had a slightly fruity taste to it, and it went very well with the chocolate.

Even after I had long finished the Hershey’s Sprinkles and Cream, the Kanu Signature Dark Roast still had a nice mellow flavor.

It turned out to be a really great snack. The chocolate was tasty, the coffee not overpowering or bitter, and the Harry Potter Magic Mug really did change just like magic!

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