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A Krispy Kreme Happy New Year!

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Christmas doughnuts that Krispy Kreme here in South Korea were selling.

Well, it’s the New Year, and Krispy Kreme has again added some special doughnuts to their menu to celebrate the Year of the Ox, and I just had to try them out to see if they measure up to, or even surpass, the Christmas doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme, along with pretty much every other coffee shop, is not allowing sit in customers right now, so I had to buy the doughnuts to go and eat at home.

Right now, South Korea’s Krispy Kreme shops are offering three special New Year’s Doughnuts, but only two of them really look like they are special for the Year of the Ox, the Happy Cow Doughnut and the Milka Choco Moo Doughnut.

After getting home, I opened up the two bags and took a look at these two seasonal doughnuts.

The first thing I noticed is that the two doughnuts have a very different approach thematically. The Happy Cow Doughnut is very much a fun cartoon style doughnut whereas the Milka Choco Moo Doughnut looks more…classy, well as classy as a doughnut can!

After taking a look at them, the Milka Choco Moo Doughnut definitely looked more interesting. It is topped with a biscuit that is attached to the doughnut with whipped cream. The biscuit is a cow-shaped and is coated on the back with Milka chocolate, as well as having “2021” written on it. Interestingly, the Korean name for the doughnut (푸른 초원 위 밀카무) is much more descriptive, as it translates as “Milka Moo on a Green Meadow”!

The doughnut itself is a regular Krispy Kreme doughnut, but the hole is filled with more cream, and the top is coated with a white icing and dusted with a green powder to mimic grass. The powder tasted a little like pistachio, but I can’t be a 100% sure about that because it is not listed on the website.

The cream for the Milka Choco Moo Doughnut, and the Happy Cow Doughnut is what Krispy Kreme calls Pasteur milk cream. Pasteur is a famous dairy company here in South Korea and is owned by the Lotte conglomerate. Not coincidentally, Lotte is the company that is partnered with Krispy Kreme here.

The Milka Choco Moo Doughnut was outstanding! The biscuit with the Milka chocolate coating was so tasty! The cream was also so delicious and fresh tasting! I am really impressed that Krispy Kreme is using so the whipped cream in so many of their donuts these days. The doughnut itself was your standard Krispy Kreme regular, and the white icing with the green powder on top didn’t add much to the proceedings. The biscuit and cream though were out of this world!

The Happy Cow Doughnut, as you can see, is decorated with a cartoon cow face. There is a lot of white icing on top, and the pink icing had a strawberry flavor added to it. The ears of the cow are supposed to be Hershey’s chocolate chips, which I assume were melted down and reshaped.

Inside the Happy Cow Doughnut is more of the Pasteur milk cream. In fact, there was a LOT of cream inside, which made me very happy with the doughnut! As for the top, while it was super cute, the flavors weren’t overly impressive. I particularly didn’t like the pink strawberry-flavored icing. It wasn’t very natural tasting and reminded me of some cheap strawberry candy I had as a child.

The Milka Choco Moo Doughnut was definitely my favorite of the two. While the Happy Cow Doughnut did have lots of cream, there wasn’t much else going for it, but the Milka Choco Moo Doughnut had both the cream and that wonderful biscuit on top.

As for the comparisons with the Christmas donuts, I think the Christmas donuts had more variety with three different types of fillings, but over the Milka Choco Moo Doughnut was my favorite overall. Krispy Kreme has definitely come up with a winner this New Year’s!

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