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A Great Garlic Snack! Sun Chips Garlic Baguette Flavor

In the quest for a healthier snack, companies have been working hard to produce something that will make customers buy their product because they think it is better for their bodies.

Sun Chips were first sold over 30 years ago, and the first time I tried them was in the USA.

There weren’t a huge number of flavors then, and when I looked at the website for the company in the USA, there are only four flavors that they are promoting.

However, these days you can buy Sun Chips here in Korea, and some of the flavors are really interesting!

I was at our local Daiso and I noticed for only 1,000 won they had a small bag of Garlic Baguette flavored Sun Chips!

I was immediately interested in them and decided to pick up a bag.

When I got home, and took a look at the bag, the first thing I noticed is that the weight was actually quite small, only 64 grams. For the price though, that seemed fair.

The nutritional value on the bag looked okay, although there is over 300 calories in the small bag. Fortunately, the sodium and fat aren’t too high for the Sun Chips.

Upon opening the bag, the odor of garlic exploded into the air.

I shook a few out onto a plate and prepared to enjoy the Garlic Baguette Sun Chips.

The flavor was actually very reminiscent of store-bought garlic bread that you can find in many stores here in Korea.

I have actually had homemade garlic bread before, but the Korean version is usually much sweeter and includes parsley flakes on top.

The Garlic Baguette Sun Chips actually do have tiny flecks of what appears to be parsley!

The chips were actually quite delicious! They did taste sweet, but the garlic and butter flavors were really front and center as you would expect from a snack with this name.

I did enjoy these, and if you live in Korea and enjoy our version of garlic bread, I would definitely give these a try!

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