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A Great Dinner at Beansmill Café

Every once and a while, you stumble upon an independent restaurant or café that just really impresses you. Recently, here in Ulsan South Korea, I found a local gem that I really enjoyed.

The restaurant / café in question is Beansmill, and it is located near the ocean on the way to Gyeongju. I first heard about it because it is not far from my apartment, and a flyer advertising the shop had found its way to my doorstep.

Recently, while walking, I found myself at the front door, and I decided to go in and see if the images that were on the flyer matched the actual food.

From the outside, Beansmill looks very big, and it has two floors of seating with a great view of the ocean.

Just outside the front door is a very welcoming character!

Walking in, it was easy to see lots of the seating that is available.

Eclectically decorated, Beansmill has lots of character.

I was greeted warmly by the owner, and I took a look at the menu to see what I wanted to eat.

Two things caught my eye on the menu: the Kimchi Fried Rice, and the Whole Wheat Ciabatta Sandwich. I ordered both of them and added a Peachade to have something to drink.

After ordering, I went up to the second floor and saw even more seating.

Also, the amazing view of the ocean!

As the staff was only the owner on the evening that I went there, it took a bit longer to have dinner ready. Fortunately for me, there were no other orders waiting, so it didn’t take an overly long time. Also, fortunately for me, the food was more than worth the wait.

I collected my tray and headed to the second floor to enjoy the ocean view and the food.

The food looked really good, and the smell from the Kimchi Fried Rice was excellent!

I took a bit of the fried rice first because I didn’t want it to get cold before I had a chance to taste it.

The Kimchi Fried Rice, with comes with a fried egg on top as is the style here in South Korea, was excellent. The rice was well cooked with a generous amount of kimchi inside.

The egg was also well cooked and added a nice component to the rice. Overall, the dish had a nice light sour and spicy taste to it, as is befitting the kimchi, and could have been enough for a meal all by itself.

Of course, I had a Whole Wheat Ciabatta Sandwich to eat as well, and I was eager to try it as well.

The Whole Wheat Ciabatta Sandwich came with ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and a whole made sauce.

Well as good as the fried rice was, the sandwich was even better!

The bread tasted firm and fresh and did a great job holding all the ingredients.

The vegetables were likewise fresh, and the lettuce had a wonderful dark green colour to it. The tomatoes were firm and tasty.

The ham and cheese also were nice and thick, and helped to make the sandwich feel very substantial.

The star of the sandwich for me though was the sauce! It tasted similar to a sweet cheese mayonnaise, but the owner refused to give the secret recipe, so I can’t be 100% sure. What I am sure of is that it was delicious!

The Peachade was a nice, sweet, and refreshing drink that helped the food to go down nice and easy.

Beansmill has brunch items, lots of coffee beverages, and more meals on the menu. It was a great dinner for me, and I would recommend it as an excellent place to go and view the ocean and have some wonderful food!

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