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A Fun Flavour Collaboration – Beanies Jam Doughnut Instant Coffee

While I don’t think I’m a coffee connoisseur, I do like to think that I know a fair bit about coffee, especially the different choices that are available or popular.

So, when I recently learned about Beanies flavoured instant coffee, I was a little ashamed because I had never heard of them.

A friend of mine from the U.K. recently sent a gift package and was kind enough to include two jars of two different flavours from the Beanies company.

After looking at their website, I was very equally shocked, mystified, and fascinated by all the different varieties that one could purchase, including Apple Cinnamon, Turkish Delight, Cherry Bakewell, Lemon Meringue Pie, and one of the ones that I received, Jam Doughnut!

Now I am sure there are people who might not be enthusiastic about the different flavours that Beanies offers, but I was certainly well up for giving them a try and seeing whether or not they were at least tasty!

Looking at the outside of the jar, it immediately looks like it should be fun and light. The font is very animated, and there are nice almost sparkles on it.

The jam flavour of the coffee is supposed to be raspberry jam, something I really enjoy, so I was getting more excited.

Further around the label, it says that you should use 1 heaping teaspoon (about 2 grams) with 200 ml of hot water.

In addition, the company promises that their coffee contains no nuts and is vegan.

Upon opening the package, the scent of the little crystals came rushing out, and it definitely smelled like fruit, although it was tough to get strong raspberry tones.

I got out my trusty Harry Potter colour change mug,

and prepared a teaspoon of the Beanies Jam Doughnut Instant Coffee.

After the kettle had boiled, I added some water to the mug and stirred it to make sure it was fully dissolved.

At this point, my mug was changing colour, but I didn’t really notice a strong odor coming from the coffee, and I was a little afraid that I had added too much water, or that it would not taste like a jam doughnut after adding the water.

Well, I needn’t have worried, as after tasting it, there was definitely a unique flavour to it.

The Beanies Jam Doughnut Instant Coffee is not bitter, and the acidity is very low. There is a fruit flavour to it, and it reminded me a lot of a firm jelly candy I used to eat as a child, like a Jujube or something similar.

While this particular flavour of instant coffee does not have any dough or pastry-like flavour to it, it certainly is fun! The distinct taste of fruit candy, with a hint of raspberry, does make for a different cup of coffee. I look forward to finishing the jar, and trying my next flavour of Beanies instant coffee soon!

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