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A Feast For a Hero From Tiba Chicken!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Happy Moo Cake from Tous Les Jours that I had purchased for my Mother’s birthday. Well, before you have cake, you should always have a birthday meal, and the food she wanted to eat was fried chicken.

However, it couldn’t be any fried chicken, it had to be fried chicken from Tiba Double Chicken. But why did it have to be this particular brand?

Well, here in Korea there is a very popular television show called Mr. Trot. On the show, a number of different singers perform and compete in singing famous Trot songs. Trot is a special type of pop music that is unique to Korea and has been around for over 100 years.

One of the most popular singers on Mr. Trot is a young man, Lim Young-woong. Now Mr. Lim also happens to be my mother’s favorite singer on Mr. Trot, and she religiously watches all his performances. If you are interested in his singer, here’s an example for you to watch:

Now, Lim Young-woong also happens to be the celebrity endorser for Tiba Chicken. So of course, this was the brand that my mom wanted to have for lunch.

So, on her birthday, it was off to the closest Tiba Chicken near her house to order a Hero Set. The reason that it is named a hero set is that in Korean, Young-woong translates into ‘hero’.

The Hero set consists of 2 full chickens cooked in the style of your choice, some chocolate cheese balls, and some great Lim Young-woong swag.

After ordering and walking around the neighborhood, the chicken was ready in 20 minutes and it was off to have lunch.

When we got there, my mom was so happy to see Mr. Lim’s face on the chicken box. There was also a plastic tumbler with him on it, and a special plastic card that she promised to carry in her purse everywhere!

After she admired the little gifts that the chicken shop had provided, it was time to open the nifty box with, of course, Lim Young-woong’s visage on it as well.

We had ordered two different types of chicken. The first one was their basic fried chicken, and the second was the Go-Ma-Gan chicken.

There was also the Chocolate Cheese Balls, as well as some extra things to enjoy with your chicken included pickled radish, honey mustard, and flavored salt for dipping your chicken in.

Finally, it was time to eat, which was a good thing because we were so hungry, and the chicken smelled SO good!

The thing I tried was the basic fried chicken. It was really tasty! The chicken was very fresh, and juicy as well. The pieces were also a decent size as well, which is always a good thing.

The batter for the fried chicken was also outstanding. It was crispy and had a really nice flavor to it. To me it tasted similar to the batter that is used for sweet and sour pork here in Korea. I think that the oil they used to fry the chicken was very fresh, which made it tasty as well.

The fried chicken also went really well when dipped in the honey mustard sauce or the flavored salt. These are two free condiments that are often added with fried chicken here, and Tiba Chicken is no exception.

Next, I tried the Go-Ma-Gan chicken. The name is a portmanteau of three words in Korean which translate as hot pepper-garlic-soy sauce. The chicken came with real peppers and garlic on top and was coated in a lovely salty and spicy sauce.

The Go-Ma-Gan chicken was even better than the fried chicken. It wasn’t quite as crispy because of the sauce that it had been coated in, but the extra flavors from the sauce really took the flavor up a level. The chicken wasn’t too spicy, but it did have a nice heat level to it that added some enjoyment to eating it.

For dessert, they included Chocolate Cheese Balls. These were also amazing! They were fried balls of a sticky rice cake dessert filled with melted Belgian dark chocolate and Australian cream cheese. The Chocolate Cheese Balls were rich, decadent, and utterly delicious.

The birthday meal was a great success! My mother really enjoyed all the delicious food (as did I!) and she was so pleased to get all the wonderful little trinkets with Lim Young-woong’s picture on them. Tiba Chicken has done a great job with their Hero Set, and they fry a mean bird!

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