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A Double Dose of Coffee At Normal Day Café

One of the very first posts that I ever wrote, almost a year ago, was about a sweet and delicious icy treat that I had at the Normal Day Café, out near the ocean in Ulsan.

As I had never tried the coffee at this café, I was, of course, unsure about how it tasted. Recently I was going for a walk, and I noticed that I was nearby the Normal Day Café. Feeling a bit tired as it was the afternoon, I decided that this would be the perfect time to try the coffee there and see if it was just as nice as the strawberry treat that I had enjoyed the first time around.

Walking in, I saw that the Normal Day Café was still eclectically decorated like the first time around, but I still took the opportunity to take what I hope are a few new pictures that I didn’t use last time!

I perused the menu and decided to try a Café Latte and a Vanilla Latte. I figured that this would give me two different tastes to decide which one was better.

The last time that I was here, I sat at one of the higher tables. The Normal Day Café also has some booths that allow you to sit on the floor at low tables with cushions around. This is perfect if you want to relax and read a book, or just enjoy your coffee in a slightly different setting.

As the barista made the two lattes, I looked around the café a little more, and saw what looked like some antique items such as mirrors and combs.

Finally, the lattes were ready, and I went to the booth at the back to sit down and enjoy the soft rug and pillows.

The first drink that I tried was the Café Latte. This was a little bit bitter, despite the milk that was in it. The flavor was very strong, and there was a hint of cherry in the beans. The café latte was smooth, and with a low acidity level, and the art on top was nice.

Next, I tried the Vanilla Latte. Now, usually in Korea, the vanilla lattes that you get from the chain stores are almost sickeningly sweet, and you can barely tell that there is any vanilla, or coffee, in the cup.

Well, at the Normal Day café, the Vanilla Latte is not like a normal chain shop. In comparison, it was not sweet, and there was a nice vanilla flavor to it. You could also taste the coffee, which was the same as the beans from the Café latte but was balanced out by the vanilla so that it wasn’t so bitter.

I had to say that it was a really nice time at the Normal Day Café. The lattes were both good, as well as being different from the usual fare served up at a lot of chain coffee shops. The décor was also very interesting, which made it a more enjoyable experience. The shop was also not very busy, which, while not great for the owner, does make you feel more comfortable in these trying times.

Once again, the Normal Day Café delivered another stellar experience, one I hope to be repeating again soon!

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