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A Delightful Lunch From Café Delight

Every once in a while, you stumble on a place that has not only good food but also outstanding value. For me, Café Delight in Ulsan is one of those places.

Decided I wanted to go out for lunch, I checked a local website to see if there was any place that looked interesting.

I found Café Delight, and was intrigued by some of the pictures. It looked like a lot of vegetables on the sandwich, and a healthier alternative is always good!

When I first started blogging, I had written about a sandwich shop in my neighborhood, and the pictures looked similar.

Café Delight is located in the Hogye neighborhood of Ulsan, on the second floor near a newer apartment complex, so I hopped in the car and off I went.

Out front of Café Delight on the sidewalk is a giant hamburger advertising the shop and their fresh hamburgers. It was impossible to miss, and made it easy to find the location.

The restaurant looked nice on the inside. The menus were clearly displayed, and there was lots of interesting trinkets as well.

The seating seemed ample, however today was a take-out only day, so we would have to eat at home.

After looking at the menu, we decided on a Bulgogi Burger and a Club Sandwich.

The order took a little longer to prepare than many other places, close to 15 minutes, but we could hear and see them preparing it in the back, and if it’s fresh, then it’s usually worth the wait!

The drive home took about 20 minutes, and then it was time to dig in to lunch.

Unwrapping the food, the smell from the Bulgogi hamburger was excellent.

The Club Sandwich was also huge! The amount of vegetables on it was awe-inspiring.

First up, I tucked into the Bulgogi burger.

The burger itself was indeed fresh, and the toppings were not too overwhelming.

Surprisingly, the burger was still warm even after the drive home. This actually was good because the mayonnaise had been warmed up just enough to make it really tasty.

The meat was very good, and the burger had a nice bulgogi flavor to it. The lettuce was very fresh as well, and for only 4,000 won (under $4) it was a very good value!

The club sandwich, as I already mentioned, was huge! The amount of veg packed into the sandwich was truly impressive.

In fact, it was really hard to even take a bite with all the ingredients together because it was so big.

So Café Delight’s Club Sandwich has a nice grilled chicken piece in the center. It was very nicely spiced, and you could tell it was freshly cooked.

The sandwich also had a vast array of vegetables including tomato, lettuce, and more.

The bacon also added some nice flavor to the sandwich, as bacon almost always does.

Finally, the sauce on the Club Sandwich was exceptional. I believe it had a bit of pesto mixed into some mayonnaise and possibly some other ingredients, but it was SO good!

I would say that for 7,500 won, the Club Sandwich is also a good deal. One thing I found unfortunate is that the bread was not very sturdy for the Club Sandwich, and it made it hard to hold all the ingredients together. A slightly thicker or more solid bread would be better in my opinion.

That being said, Café Delight was truly delightful. Good value, good ingredients, and good taste made for a winning lunch time for me!

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