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A Delicious Cuppa! – Smugglers Brew Cornish Tea with Soreen Gingerbread Loaves

Enjoying a cup of tea and some dessert is really just an amazing combination. The hard part is choosing which tea to have, and which dessert to pair with the tea.

Well, my friend from the UK has come through again, and has sent me some delicious tea from Cornish Tea, their Smugglers Brew!

As well, the care package included some Soreen Vegan Gingerbread Loaves, so I knew I had a pairing worth trying.

The Smugglers Brew Tea comes in a bright orange package and has little stencils of iconic Cornish imagery.

The back of the package describes the company’s mission statement.

And the side has the best way to brew your tea!

I opened the box, and then the foil package inside.

I noticed that Cornish Tea comes in square bags, not round. I wonder if this makes a difference in the flavour??

The Soreen Gingerbread Mini Loaves come in a cute winter themed package and are described as ‘Deliciously Snowy’.

Each loaf is individually wrapped, with a gingerbread man waving hello to us, and I’m sure hoping we enjoy the snack.

I prepared the tea and made a big pot of it to enjoy.

Finally, everything was ready, and I tried the Smugglers Brew tea.

The Cornish Tea Smugglers Brew is very nice! It has a tinge of orange flavour to it, and the profile is relaxing and mild. It made me feel very comfortable when drinking it, and I was glad that it wasn’t overpowering.

The Soreen Gingerbread Mini Loaves were interesting.

They are vegan, and are low in fat, sugar, and salt.

And even 8% of the mixture is candied ginger!

Which is very noticeable, as the Soreen Gingerbread Mini Loaves have a VERY strong ginger taste.

They are also quite dense, and a bit chewy, which I wonder if it is because of the lack of animal products like butter.

I did enjoy the taste of the gingerbread loaves, and I thought they went very well with the Smugglers Brew tea. In fact, I even dipped my loaf in the tea, and I this made for a softer, and tastier, treat!

In the end, this pairing was great, and I am continuing to enjoy my Smugglers Brew tea.

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