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A Brilliant British Combination – Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and Yorkshire Gold Tea

Being able to enjoy wonderful snacks and drinks at home is certainly one of the benefits of the current situation that is facing the world.

Also, being able to have friends who are still able to ship you goods from around the world is another wonderful thing to have in life.

I have written before about my friend in the U.K. who has been able to send me some goodies from time to time and two of the items that I received recently make a perfect pairing.

The two items in question are Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, and Yorkshire Gold Tea that come from Taylors of Harrogate.

After I received these fantastic treats, I just knew, based on the names alone, that I would have to pair them together.

The Tea Cakes, which are part of many wonderful desserts and sweets that Tunnock’s makes, come in a nicely designed striped box. You can see the 6 tasty tea cakes nestled in the box through the clear portion of the packaging.

Delicately wrapped in foil, these little treasures are just begging to be unwrapped, and so I opened one up!

The Tunnock’s Tea Cake is a biscuit base covered with a thick layer of marshmallow. These two are then coated in a rich milk chocolate (Tunnock’s also makes a dark chocolate version as well).

After admiring the tea cake, I took a bite. These are so heavenly! They have a sweet soft layer with the marshmallow, and a different kind of sweetness with the chocolate layer. The biscuit is chewy and holds up while eating through the whole tea cake! I really enjoyed eating this, and it was a real challenge not to go through the whole box in one sitting.

Of course, I had also some tea to enjoy with the Tunnock’s Tea Cakes.

The box for the Yorkshire Gold Tea is just lovely. The rolling hills of Yorkshire in the background, with sheep and purple flowers adorning the sides, it looks like something out of a famous painting!

There were a lot of tea bags in the box, 80 to be exact, and as I put one in my mug and prepared to put the water on top, I was very excited.

The rich aroma of the tea filled my kitchen, and I waited patiently for the tea to steep.

Finally after waiting a few minutes, I added some milk, and tasted the Yorkshire Gold Tea. It was outstanding!

The tea has a slightly sweet and earthy taste to it, and is definitely not bitter. It is full of flavor, and when I drank a bit after taking a bite of my tea cake, it became even sweeter.

The pairing of Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and Yorkshire Gold Tea was wonderful for me. While coffee will always be my favorite drink, tea is a wonderful beverage as well. These two products really made me smile, and I hope that someday I can buy them here in South Korea so I won’t have to wait for shipments from the U.K.

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