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A Bold Cup of Coffee From Illy

Sometimes in life you need a quick and easy pick-me-up. I often find that in the afternoons, I get a bit sleepy, but I don’t really need a full cup of coffee to keep me going.

That’s why when I spotted these microsticks from Illy, I figured I had to give them a try.

The Intenso Bold Roast sounded like a variety that would really pack a punch, so I decided to purchase that one first.

The box has a strong maroon colour to the bottom, and a nice silver grey for the rest of the box.

The back of the box notes that there are three different varieties, and that the product is made in Switzerland.

The side also tells us how to make the coffee, and that about 100 to 120 ml is enough, whether it is hot or cold.

The sticks are really packed in the box, and there are 70 sticks per box.

The individual packages are really quite small.

And also contain the making instructions on the back of each stick.

The freeze-dried crystals look quite large, and it is definitely not a fine grind of coffee.

I prepared the coffee in my cup as I waited for the water to boil.

As I poured the steaming water, a wonderful aroma filled the air!

The Intenso Bold Roast from Illy is an interesting instant coffee.

The flavour is slightly fruity, but it definitely has a strong acidic taste and a bit of acridness to it from what I assume is a dark roasting process.

The aftertaste is a bit bitter, and you are left with the subtle flavours lingering on your tongue.

Overall, I found that the Illy Intenso Bold Roast did give a quick shot of caffeine, and the taste was quite nice if you are a fan of the darker roasts of coffee beans. I will be looking forward to trying the other varieties of Illy instant coffee.

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