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4 Layers and A Monster Name From Burger King!

I often wonder what the creative team is thinking of when they decide to come up with new products at fast food restaurants.

From unusual sauces to downright bizarre toppings, it seems like no concoction is safe from the chefs in the labs at these fast-food giants.

And now Burger King here in South Korea has come up with another 4-layer monstrosity, complete with the name to match.

The full name of this new meat beast is enough to give speech writers nightmares, but here it is:

Quatro Maximum Meat Focused Amazing Ultimate Grilled Patty Of the Biggest For Super Meat Freak 4


On the website, it is listed as the Quatro Maximum….4.

So, the Quatro Maximum 4 contains 4 beef patties, bacon, 3 different types of cheese, a few onions and a mayonnaise-based sauce.

As the burger is quite expensive, I can imagine that it won’t find many takers, but in the interest of research, I decided to give it a try.

After ordering, I took a picture of the big TV screen behind the counter. The picture does really look good!

After driving home, I unpacked the burger, fries, and coke.

The Quatro Maximum 4 certainly did have a heft to it.

I was able to get a decent cross section, and the burger certainly had four clear layers of meat.

The bacon was also easily noticeable.

The fries were also a nice golden colour.

And the whole meal looked good together.

The fries were pretty tasty, with a nice balance of salt, and they went really well with ketchup.

As always though, the burger is the star of the show.

And sadly, this Quatro Maximum 4 is not a very tasty burger.

When you actually get enough moisture from the mayonnaise and cheese, it’s not too bad.

However, the sheer amount of meat, which is woefully under seasoned, means too often you are getting big mouthfuls of dry, bland beef.

I did like the bacon, cheese, and mayonnaise, but there is just not enough to save the Quatro Maximum 4.

In fact, I could not finish eating it as it was originally made, as it was too dry and too hard to keep chewing.

While I certainly think this is an interesting idea, I would really recommend giving the Quatro Maximum from Burger King a pass.

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